Elliptic Reveals Cyber Scam Involving $11 Billion from Huione Guarantee

Elliptic Reveals Cyber Scam Involving $11 Billion from Huione Guarantee

Play To Earn Games | 10 Jul 2024 14:26 UTC

Unveiling the Hidden Side of Online Marketplaces: A Case Study on Huione Guarantee

Imagine an online marketplace that appears to be the go-to spot for snagging deals on real estate and cars. That's what Huione Guarantee, coming out of Cambodia and a part of the larger Huione Group, initially seemed to be when it first opened its doors in 2021. But, looks can be deceiving. Recent revelations have ripped away the facade, exposing a dark nexus of cyber scams and money laundering operations running into billions of dollars.

A Vast, Shadowy Ecosystem

Digging deeper, investigators from Elliptic have shone a light on a sprawling Chinese-language ecosystem operating under the radar. Imagine thousands of instant messaging app channels, each one a storefront managed by a different vendor. At the center of this web, Huione Guarantee offers escrow services, claiming to shield its users from fraud. Yet, the same mechanisms designed for protection are being exploited to ensure the security of transactions linked to cybercrime.

These operations primarily deal in USDT, a stablecoin whose digital traceability surpasses that of traditional currency, inadvertently adding a layer of transparency to these murky waters.

The Dark Side of the Coin

Despite painting itself as a neutral platform, the reality of Huione Guarantee is starkly different. Cryptocurrency wallets associated with Huione and its network of merchants have moved over $11 billion since the platform's inception. Given the high turnover of merchants and the gaps in wallet tracking, the actual figures might be even more staggering.

Not all transactions on the platform are illicit. However, the preponderance of evidence indicates that a significant portion of its operations cater to cyber scams. It's not hard to find merchants on Huione Guarantee brazenly offering services in money laundering, encompassing cross-border transfers and conversions to various currencies and mediums like cash, stablecoins, and Chinese payment platforms. The detailed listings of the types of fraud proceeds they handle is a glaring admission of their involvement in illegal activities.

The Culmination of Research

The investigative efforts have led to the identification and blacklisting of hundreds of cryptocurrency addresses linked to Huione in Elliptic’s forensic tools. This breakthrough underscores the critical role Huione Guarantee plays in facilitating cyber fraud across Southeast Asia and laundering those ill-gotten gains on a global scale.

This alarming discovery emphasizes the urgent need for more rigorous scrutiny and regulation of online marketplaces to prevent them from becoming conduits for illicit activities.


The revelations about Huione Guarantee serve as a cautionary tale about the dual-edged nature of technological advancements. While online platforms have the power to connect us with goods and services from around the world, they also offer unprecedented opportunities for the unscrupulous to exploit these connections. For every legitimate transaction, there's a risk of another that fuels the shadow economy. As digital marketplaces continue to grow, so does the responsibility to ensure they do not become easy avenues for laundering the proceeds of crime. The case of Huione Guarantee is a stark reminder of the challenges that lie ahead in the digital age, calling for a concerted effort from regulators, law enforcement, and the platforms themselves to safeguard the integrity of online commerce.

This exposé is not just a report on a platform gone awry but a call to action. It highlights the necessity for all stakeholders in the digital ecosystem to be vigilant and proactive in combating illicit activities that not only undermine the economy but also harm the very fabric of society. In a way, stories like these shed light on the dark corners of the internet, urging us to look closer and demand better, not just from others but from ourselves as well.

Also worth noting, in an unrelated yet similarly concerning event, is the recent hacking of a prominent figure’s social media account to promote a scam cryptocurrency. This incident further illustrates the pervasive nature of cyber scams and the importance of maintaining digital hygiene.

As we venture further into the digital age, the battle against cybercrime continues to evolve. It's a reminder that in our interconnected world, vigilance is not just a virtue but a necessity.

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