Gotchi Guardians Update: New Pirate Guardian and More!

Gotchi Guardians Update: New Pirate Guardian and More!

Play To Earn Games | 21 May 2024 13:41 UTC

Discover the epic Gotchi Guardians update with the new Pirate Guardian, fierce Mama Ship Lickquidator, cool camera modes, and enhanced inventory slots! Ready for an adventure?

Must-Know Highlights of the Gotchi Guardians Update

Here’s a lightning-fast rundown of the epic new features in the latest Gotchi Guardians update! Get ready for an exciting adventure with these cool additions:

New Guardian Alert: The Pirate

  • Introducing The Pirate, a level 60 game-changer with unique skills and equipment.
  • Treasure Map: Boosts coin drops, reduces cooldowns, and extends pickup range.
  • Daash Boots: Increases damage output, attack range, and movement speed.
  • Glittering Blunderbuss: Lowers shot costs and cooldowns for powerful combat.

Fierce New Lickquidator: Mama Ship

  • The Mama Ship arrives with high HP and rapid-fire projectiles.
  • Unique abilities include Energy Drain, Time Acceleration, Regeneration, and Tractor Beam.

Cool Camera Modes for Enhanced Gameplay

  • Toggle between Topdown Camera, Follow Guardian Camera, and Free Mode Camera.
  • Use F keys and mouse wheel for an immersive experience.

Expanded Inventory and Shop Slots

  • New fifth inventory slot for more item flexibility.
  • Fourth shop slot increases chances of getting item upgrades.

Detailed End of Match Progression

  • Track total experience gained, progress towards the next level, and achievements unlocked.

Balance Changes and Auto-Difficulty System

  • New upgrades for Licker and Farmer.
  • Auto-difficulty adjusts Lickquidator HP based on player spending for balanced matches.

Pixelcraft Profile Integration

  • Connect your wallet and access comprehensive stats across Gotchi Guardians and other Pixelcraft games.

Are you ready to dive into these awesome new features? Let’s go!

Gotchi Guardians Update: Epic New Features Unveiled!

Guess what? We have some epic updates for you! The latest Gotchi Guardians build is here, and it’s going to blow your mind! This update is packed with new content and improvements that promise an even more engaging experience for all players. Hold on to your seats, folks, because we're diving into everything you need to know about the Gotchi Guardians update from Aavegotchi!

Meet the New Pirate Guardian: A Game-Changer!

You won’t believe what’s new! The star of this update is the introduction of The Pirate, a cunning Economy Guardian designed for resource accumulation and strategic exploits. Available to players at level 60, The Pirate is ready to change the game with his unique blend of skills and equipment. Are you ready for this?

Level Up with the Pirate’s Unique Skills!

The Pirate brings some serious firepower to the battlefield. His key items include:

  • Treasure Map: Increases coin drops from enemies, reduces cooldowns, extends pickup range, and grants a bonus bank at the start of each round.
  • Daash Boots: Boosts damage output, extends attack range, reduces cooldown times, and increases movement speed during preparation.
  • Glittering Blunderbuss: Lowers the cost and cooldown of each shot, adding a powerful combat option.

Plus, he’s got a specific tree that enhances his true nature:

  • Bounty: Enhances income by killing Lickquidators and earning more resources.

Initially, The Pirate is available to all players at level 60. But soon, you'll need to reach level 15 with the Soldier of Fortune to unlock him. Exciting, right?

Discover the Fierce Mama Ship Lickquidator!

Hold on, because it gets even better! The Mama Ship debuts as a formidable late-game Lickquidator. With high HP, rapid-fire projectile bursts, and a unique ability to shield allies, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Here are her four Ultimate Upgrades:

  • Energy Drain: Reduces the damage output of nearby towers.
  • Time Acceleration: Speeds up the movement of friendly units.
  • Regeneration: Heals friendly units.
  • Tractor Beam: Roots and pulls Aavegotchis towards the Mama Ship, putting them in immediate danger.

New Camera Modes for an Immersive Experience!

You asked for it, and it’s here! Players can now toggle between different camera modes for a more immersive experience. The new options include:

  • F1: Topdown Camera
  • F2: Follow Guardian Camera
  • F3: Free Mode Camera (FPS no collision type camera)

Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out and dive deep into the action!

Enhanced Inventory and Shop Slots: More Power to You!

Guess what? We’ve added more inventory slots! A fifth slot gives you more flexibility in item selection. Plus, a fourth shop slot increases your chances of obtaining those sweet item upgrades. Here’s how the slots work:

  • Slot 1: Ability item (unchanged)
  • Slot 2: Passive item (unchanged)
  • Slot 3: Stackable item (unchanged)
  • Slot 4: 25% chance for an ability/passive item upgrade. If the roll fails, it randomly selects from all item pools (which CAN be an upgrade).

End of Match Revamp: Track Your Progress Like Never Before!

The updated End of Match flow provides detailed information on XP progression and achievements. Now, you can see:

  • Total experience gained during the match
  • Progress towards the next level
  • Achievements unlocked during the match

Balance Changes and Auto-Difficulty: Keeping it Fair!

To keep things balanced and fun, we’ve introduced some awesome changes:

  • Licker: Now has three new Ultimate Upgrades—Mechanical Determination, Slimy Tongue Syndrome, and Perpetual Licking.
  • Farmer: Apple juice cooldown reduced, now with an AOE effect and improved VFX. Dash Boots now deal increased damage and tracking.

Plus, a new auto-difficulty system adjusts Lickquidator HP dynamically based on player spending, ensuring balanced and extended matches.

Pixelcraft Profile Integration: Your Gaming Hub!

And here’s the cherry on top! Players can now log into their Pixelcraft profile to connect their wallet and access comprehensive statistics across Gotchi Guardians and other Pixelcraft games. Track your progress and achievements seamlessly!

This update represents a significant enhancement to Gotchi Guardians, providing players with new challenges, tools, and features to explore. Are you ready to dive in and experience all the exciting new features? Let’s go!

Discover the epic Gotchi Guardians update with the new Pirate Guardian
Discover the epic Gotchi Guardians update with the new Pirate Guardian

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