Meta Masters Guild: Impacting Web3 Gaming with Expansive Ecosystem

Meta Masters Guild: Impacting Web3 Gaming with Expansive Ecosystem

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The gaming industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with an increasing number of people turning to gaming as a form of entertainment. The rise of Web3 gaming has brought about new opportunities and challenges for the industry. One of the most promising projects in this field is the Meta Masters Guild’s Expansive Gaming Ecosystem. It aims to create a decentralized platform for gamers, game developers, and game publishers to interact and collaborate.

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The ecosystem consists of several components, such as a gaming marketplace, a token system, and a community platform. The aim is to create an open and transparent environment for the gaming industry that benefits everyone involved.

It provides a variety of features including the opportunity to earn gems by playing games, players can exchanges these gems for MEMAG tokens. Users also have the option to purchase or win NFTs from a store, as well as stake tokens and NFTs to generate yields. Players can exchange or trade these tokens for other cryptocurrencies, such as ETH and USDT. Furthermore, NFT collectors can utilize NFTs to build their collections and generate income.

The Gaming Marketplace

The gaming marketplace is a platform where game developers and publishers can offer their games for sale. Developers can showcase their work and get paid directly from customers. The marketplace ensures that all transactions are transparent and secure. Customers can purchase games using the platform’s native token. You can trade these tokens on exchanges or use within the ecosystem.

Meta Masters Guild's Token System

The Meta Masters Guild’s Expansive Gaming Ecosystem has its native token called MGMT. Players can use these tokens to purchase games and other digital assets on the marketplace. They can participate in community activities such as tournaments and events. The MGMT token is also tradable on several cryptocurrency exchanges, which increases its liquidity and accessibility.

Meta Masters Guild has made significant progress since the conclusion of its presale. Now, introducing fundamental features that add value to its ecosystem. The staking facility, which launched on March 15 and will continue until the end of April, has already seen over 50.7 million MEMAG tokens worth approximately $450,000 staked across 3 pools with lockup periods of 7, 30, and 90 days. Additionally, the NFT store is now live, offering a limited supply of NFTs that can be used in games, with plans to upgrade the store in April for an improved user experience and more NFT rarity classes.

Decentralized Gaming in Meta Masters Guild

The Meta Masters Guild’s Expansive Gaming Ecosystem is built on blockchain technology, which makes it a decentralized platform. Decentralization means that there is no single authority controlling the ecosystem. This feature ensures that the gaming industry becomes more democratic and transparent, with game developers and gamers having more control over their creations and experiences.

The MGMT token, which is the platform's native token, will create economic opportunities for gamers, game developers, and publishers. They can earn token through community participation and use within the ecosystem to purchase games and digital assets. This system can bring economic inclusion to gamers who may not have had the opportunity to participate in the traditional gaming economy.

Collaboration and Innovation of Games

The Meta Masters Guild’s Expansive Gaming Ecosystem brings together gamers, game developers, and publishers in a single platform, creating opportunities for collaboration and innovation. The community platform allows gamers to connect with each other and participate in various activities, including tournaments and events. Game developers can showcase their work on the gaming marketplace, collaborate with other developers, and get payment directly from customers. Publishers can use the platform to promote their games and reach a wider audience.

Their first game, Meta Karts Racers, is a mobile-based PvP racing game that is in its second phase of development and will release a playable lite version in June or July. Players can earn gems that are exchangeable for MEMAG tokens by successfully participating in the Meta Kart Championship while evading Meta overlords.

The company is also working on a metaverse called Meta Masters World. This World promises to offer a vast open-world experience for players to explore, with complete autonomy to engage in activities such as resource gathering, competition participation, and exploration.

Lastly, they are developing Raid NFT, a turn-based fighting game where players can choose from various warrior classes and engage in combat against others in challenging environments. Players can earn gems by defeating opponents and completing challenges, and the game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes. We should keep in mind that these games are still in the developmental stages.

Meta Masters Guild’s Expansive Gaming Ecosystem aims to create a decentralized web3 platform for gamers, developers and publishers
Meta Masters Guild’s Expansive Gaming Ecosystem aims to create a decentralized web3 platform for gamers, developers and publishers

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